Important Tips When Choosing Custom Made Suits Online

Purchasing custom made suits online can offer you many advantages; you can have the same comfortable suit made in a variety of styles and patterns, and easily replace one piece if it gets damaged beyond repair. You can also easily choose your own materials for maximum comfort, or if you have allergies or any reason to avoid certain fabrics.

However, before you choose a custom made suit from an online store, you want to ensure you understand the process involved and make the right choice for a suit that will work for you. Since buying any type of clothing from an online store is a bit different than buying clothes from a physical store, and since having clothes custom made is also a bit different than buying off the rack, note a few important tips.

1. Buy for your body shape and type

When you see a suit advertised at an online store, you want to ensure that you buy a cut and fit that works for your body type, and not one that simply looks good on the model. This is vital because you cannot try on the clothes before you have them made or purchase them from an online store, and in some cases you cannot return a suit that is custom made.

When choosing a style of suit, note what you have in your closet that looks good on you and choose the cut of pants, length of jacket, and width of lapels that work for your body shape in particular. Remember that a jacket that is too short might make you look heavy, and wide legs for pants might also accentuate a heavy-set frame. Buy for your own body shape and type rather than the pictures you see on a website when choosing suits to be custom made.

2. Get help with measuring

Measuring yourself will be vital to get a comfortable fit with a custom made suit no matter the store from which you purchase, but there is a reason a tailor will measure you in person and even have an assistant with him or her when you buy in person. It's virtually impossible to properly measure the width of your shoulders or your inseam or other areas on your own.

Don't try to be creative with a tape measure and mark where you leave it off and so on when measuring yourself for a custom made suit, but ask someone for help and be sure you follow the instructions you find online for the measurements they need. This will ensure a good fit and a suit that is comfortable and made for your frame in particular.